Final resting place of HMS E5 discovered

The final resting place of WWI submarine HMS E5 was recently located by divers off the coast of the Netherlands. The discovery of this E-Class submarine, lost on patrol during the First World War in March 1916 brings the story to an end.

E5 had been patrolling in enemy controlled waters to the north of Juist Island and failed to return from patrol. The German Cruiser SMS Regensburg had spotted what was thought to have been E5, close to a German minefield west of the Ems River.

Professor Dominic Tweddle the Director General of The National Museum of the Royal Navy, said: “It was interesting to learn about the discovery of this First World War wreck and while this is good news, the wreck remains British Crown property and while the search team has recorded the position of the wreck, nothing further can be done without the permission of the Ministry of Defence.”

In the summer of 1913 just before the war HMS E5 had suffered an explosion which killed and injured some of the crew and the group photograph below shows some of the injured men recovering in hospital.

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